He exemplifies how to rise above run-of-the-mill digital artwork through facts, form and fantasy. The products of this widely popular medium now faces real challenge, as to whether or not they can at all be categorised as paintings. Credit goes to the graphic artist here because he succeeds in doing this with ease. Right from his theme-selection to his final presentation, he hardly falls short of expectations involving use of line, colour and texture. Sometimes witty, sometimes optically illusive, the works oscillate in variety between subjective and objective extremities so that they seem intriguing even as untitled pieces. The artworks demand instant attention, and at the same time, pay back with fulfilment.

His forte lies also as an artist working with traditional drawing and painting media like pencil, pastel, watercolour, acrylic and the like. Perhaps this enhances the depth of his digital art all the more. - Dibyangshu Dasgupta

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